Stirling Power is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company, continually developing new solutions for the efficient generation of clean, distributed power.

Stirling Power is widely respected as one of the world’s leading Stirling engine companies, offering more than 35 years of history, experience, and expertise in Stirling engine technology and distributed power generation.

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Convert Heat to Electricity with Stirling Power Generators

Why It’s The Solution

The Stirling Power energy generator outperforms traditional engine technologies and is specially designed and built for mass-market production, yet is scalable to meet a wide range of applications. Key attributes include:

Fuel Versatility - Adaptable to accept bio-gas and conventional gaseous fuels as well as biomass, liquid fuel and hot air streams

Zero to Minimal Emissions - The external combustion principle allows for sources with zero or zero-incremental emissions, like solar or waste heat. Even if a combustor is included in the design, the emissions can be tuned to be very low

Distributed Generation – Designed for easy connection to the electrical grid due to the use of an induction motor

Flexible and Scalable – Compact size is ideal for site-specific installation and linking multiple units to exactly match the fuel supply

Combined Heat and Power - Generates electrical power and hot water for maximum efficiency and ROI

Easy Installation – Does not require an enclosure, can be placed unsecured on gravel pad, and has few connections

Quiet Operation - Does not require vibration or sound attenuation

Green Performance - Consumes greenhouse gases or renewable fuels for green benefits unmatched by other generators

Low Maintenance – Fewer moving parts and combustion occurring outside the cylinders means reduced routine maintenance and no oil changes (contaminants do not accumulate in engine oil)